The Singapore School For The Deaf was established in 1963 and has been at its Mountbatten Premises for 23 years.

Since the number of children increased, the school had moved to its Prince Charles premises in 1987. It had three storeys.

Now it is back at the Mountbatten Premises due to dwindling number of children since December 2007. It is given a new look below.

The school is staffed by teachers employed by The Singapore Association for the Deaf.

Total Communication was adopted in 1977 as a medium of communication and instruction in the classrooms. The effectiveness of Total Communication is evident as more students are passing their Primary School Leaving Examinations and are being promoted to Secondary Schools.


To develop and educate our deaf pupils to their fullest potential so as to enable them to contribute and be integrated into society.

The school provides the pupils with opportunities to develop their potential in academic, communicative, cognitive, physical and social skills to their fullest.

The school has an effective curriculum, up-to-date facilities and equipment as well as trained personnel to cater to individual needs. Assessments are being held to mainstream our pupils into regular secondary schools, Boon Lay Secondary School and Balestier Hill Secondary School.


Education for the Deaf started in the early 50's. Then, there were 2 schools for the Deaf, The Singapore Chinese Sign School For the Deaf which provided Chinese education in Sign Language and The Oral School for the Deaf which provided English education.

The Red Cross also started classes for very young children and a counseling service for parents of deaf children.


In 1963, both the Singapore Chinese Sign School for the Deaf and the Oral School for the Deaf merged into one school at Mountbatten Road. With the merger, deaf pupils followed the same curriculum that of their hearing peers. However, in 1978, the Chinese Sign Section was phrased out. This phasing-out coincided with another important milestone in the school's history which was the introduction of Total Communication in 1977.

Nursery classes were also started in 1986 and they occupied borrowed premises at the River Valley Community Centre.

In 1987, the school moved from Mountbatten Road into the present premise in Prince Charles Square. The Singapore School for the Deaf was then converted to a single-session school and the Nursery School formed an integral part of it.

The 90's saw a decline in the number of deaf children registered at the school and thus class enrolment became smaller. The Parent Education Programme was established so as to help parents understand their children and their needs.

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